Atypical myopathy in horses

17/06/2019 - 10:54

Donations for atypical myopathy research

The toxine that has been accounted for the development of atypical myopathy in horses is found in seedlings of certain maple trees, predominantly Acer pseudoplatanus. Seeds and seedlings that germinate at certain environmental temperatures account for the intoxications when ingested in certain quantities.
It is thus important to prevent horses from eating them. Pasture surfaces should be thoroughly checked for the presence of seedlings. After collection they should be destroyed. From past experiences we know that the intoxication risk increases in the spring when numerous cases are reported during autumn (> 1400 in the autumn of 2013). Please register online if you want to receive the official warnings from our website:

New cases can be registered online

  • for the horse owner: link
  • for the vet: link

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“Join us in protecting your horses from atypical myopathy by supporting the official alert system. Our mission is to prevent the spread of the toxines and finding an efficient treatment against this deadly disease. We need your support to do this.
The enable scientific research on atypical myopathy we depend on your generous financial support."

To reach our goals we founded SAMARATHON to:

  • Financially support a full-time scientist for a period of 3 years
  • Gather funds that enable collecting and analysing samples for scientific research
  • Conduct laboratory research to test possible treatments


Invite your equine friends to support this research by donating.

All gifts to the University of Liège regarding atypical myopathy are tax-deductible.
A Belgian donation of €100 will cost you only €65. Tax-deductablity accounts from €40 on. Bank transfer details are as follows:

Account holder: Patrimoine de l’Université de Liège
Adres: Place du XX Août 7, 4000 Liège, Belgium
Tax Number: BE 0325777171

Bank account number: IBAN: BE79 0910 0157 1833 (BIC: GKCCBEBB )

Adres: Boulevard Pacheco 44, 1000 Brussel

Reference (*) : D.VTSFPH201-01 – Recipient of the gift: Research on Atypical Myopathy – Scientific manager: Votion Dominique (U015567)
(*) This is essential to allocate your donation to the atypical myopathy project

If you want your name on the list of “donateurs”, you can send an email to: Dominique Votion

Sincerely, the AMAG team