Congrès BEPS 2020

Congrès 2020 - Webinar

Samedi 14 novembre 2020 -- Webinar

Programme (15h - 18h)

15.00 - Introduction - Belgian practitioners during Covid time - results of the BEPS survey - Dr Emmanuelle van Erck

15.30 - BEPS student prize winners

15.40 - EquiFocus Point Belgium: an update on equine infectious diseases in Belgium - Dr Annick Gruyspert

15.50 - ICSI vs ET: what should I advise my client? - Prof Peter Daels (Dipl ECAR)

16.30 - Open wound management in the field - Prof Ann Martens (Dipl ECVS)

17.10 - How can I improve my interpretation of blood results? - Dr Carla Cesarini (Dipl ECEIM)

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