BEPS is sponsoring Equi Focus Point Belgium

17/06/2019 - 10:55

BEPS continues her financial support of Equi Focus Point Belgium in 2019

Equi Focus Point Belgium was originally founded to deal with the demand for more coordinated diagnostics of equine diseases. It works in close collaboration with DGZ (Vlaanderen) and Arsia (Wallonië).

By centralising diagnostic techniques and their results, its main goal is to gain better epidemiological insights into several equine infectious disease problems. This enables a structured and more coordinated approach of outbreaks of these diseases. Equi Focus Point is sponsored by the Belgische Confederatie van het Paard (BCP-CBC), the Belgian Equine Practitioner Society (BEPS), the Wetenschappelijke Vereniging voor de Gezondheid van het Paard (WVGP), Zoetis and MSD Animal Health.

Annick Gryspeerdt, veterinarian EFPB with DGZ

phone: 050 23 05 58